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This game is run using the Pathfinder ruleset with Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might, and a few houserules. All of these systems have System Reference Document (srd) wikis available for use, and so this page will simply be a guide to the pages on those wikis and what order to check them out in. All players are free to familiarize themselves with those systems as much as they like, but do be sure to keep Rule Zero in mind when it comes to tabletops. It is the GM's table, and as such the GM is the final say on all rules. But even more important than that, have fun.

To start, discuss with the other players what kind of characters everyone wants to play. Once you have an idea in mind, start here:

The d20 pathfinder srd wiki has plenty of useful pages, and will be your go-to resource for character creation and advancement right alongside


If you want to play a martial, or physical, character then you want practitioner. If you want someone who uses spells, or as they're called here, spheres, then you want spherecaster. For anything in between, you'll need both to read both.

So, on the character creation outline we have the first two obvious steps. Dice will be handled by MapTools, the table emulator we will be using, and character sheets are here. As for the next bits, I recommend choosing a race before doing ability scores, not only because that will affect ability scores, but also because it's a fundamental part of your character, moreso than their abilities. A list of some races in the realm of Mytheme can be found at Races.

For ability scores we are using the 25 point buy. If you would instead prefer to roll for your stats, you will have to wait until I am present to do so. Calculator for point buy is here.



Main Page

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